Message from backyard-owner

Glad you could make it here! This website is a collection of solutions to problems that I’ve encountered during my exploration of the computer world. The categories on this website cover a wide range of topics, from everyday computing to programming level. One could ask, what makes this website stand out from the thousands of websites and blogs available on the internet? That is, without a doubt, a very relevant question. The features that makes this website stand out when compared to similar websites are summarized below:

  1. The title of each post is chosen carefully to make it easier for the reader to quickly filter out irrelevant posts.
  2. An excerpt is shown for each post in order to explain the problem using a few sentences.
  3. Images are shown for each post in order to further ease filtering of irrelevant posts.
  4. Recent posts, comments and tags used are highlighted on the right side of the sidebar of the Blog page.
  5. Each post is divided into following subsections:
    • Problem Description
    • Problem Source
    • Problem Solution
  6. Categories are divided into parent and children.
  7. The search text field can be used to find posts if what you are looking for is not found using the category list. The search field works for words contained within posts, categories and tags.

My hope is that you will easily find solution to problems that you haven’t been able to solve after extensive search on Google!

Please leave a comment and use the share buttons on the posts and also on pages where applicable. This will help in making the content of this website available to the people out there, who have reached the culmination point of frustration. Thank you and enjoy your stay!